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Dec 9, 2013 8:00pm PST
cold archibald posted his snow. merrill newman. the 85- year old palo alto man detained for weeks by north korea -- says, that the so- called confession he made. was something he was forced to do. >> pam: newman arrived at s- f-o on saturday. he said in statement today, the confession had been scripted - and says. he was intentionally phrasing and poor grammar. .about prk >> pam: newman says, the north koreans treated him well -- but his interrogator told him repeatedly, that if he did not apologize for alleged crimes committed during the korean war, he would be sentenced to 15- years in jail for espionage. >> pam: newman says. in north korea even innocent comments can mean big trouble for foreigners. >> pam: eighteen current and former >> pam: the n-s-a can track people through several different electronic sources. and newly- disclosed classified documents show. agents even track people through video games. the documents were obtained by the guardian newspaper. from n-s-a leaker edward snowden. >> pam: they show that the n- s- a and british intelligence. have been monitoring several
Dec 6, 2013 8:00pm PST
>> he's spent a month in north korea as an accused war criminal. now bay area veteran merril newman is reportedly on his way home. >> and the icy weather tightens its grip on the bay area, it's freezing. and i'm very cold and now rain is coming down. kron four meteorologist is >> in san jose, freezing temperatures claim the lives of four homeless people. to lose that many in one night. it's horrible. new measures in place to protect those who have no >> bad weather also a factor in idaho, where the search for a south bay man and his family has been suspended. i'm dale, and this is my family. dale smith of san jose was at the controls of his private plane when it disappeared on sunday. tonight a look at his video tribute to his love of flying. clear! malignedand a suspected cat killer under arrest. police say this man grabbed two cats out the arms of a san francisco woman and tossed then into the bay. now he is facing animal cruelty charges, >> developing news tonight. the palo alto man who's been held in north korea for more than a month. is coming home. north korea has finally rele
Dec 2, 2013 8:00pm PST
government. >> pam: this is video of merrill newman making a so- called apology over the weekend. the korean war vet said he was sorry for war crimes he committed. his friends and family say this apology was clearly scripted. >> pam: though it seems north korea is reveling in neman's detention, some analysts expect newman could be released soon. >>"so this is baffling. but this is a new regime of the new leader. and i suspect he's sending different signals but nobody knows what those signals are." >> pam: inside edition has released another photo of newman. >> pam: it shows him enjoying his 10-day tour of north korea before being detained. >> pam: a swedish ambassador has met with newman and said he was received medications sent by his family. >>".girly stuff" >> pam: coming up-- >> pam: 49ers players trade in their helmets for santa hats today. doing some christmas shopping today with bay area kids in need. >> pam: plus: viewers in north dakota got quite the surprise saturday night when will ferrell -- a-k-a ron burgundy -- co-anchored an entire newscast. >> reporter:stay classy, bismarck.
Dec 7, 2013 8:00pm PST
pallomelta man back with family. >> merrill newman was detained for 42 days after his visit. we are live at the palo alto home. we can only imagine how the family is feeling tonight. >> that's right. vicki. mr.newman left the airport and waiting for him to show up and walk into his building. we do know he is with family. >> it is a great homecoming and i'm tired but ready to be with my family. >> merrill newman did not have much to say after being detained in north korea for six weeks, his wife, son and family met him at san francisco international airport where he flew in from beijing. >> i'm delighted to be home. >> visiting north korea and was on his way home october 26th when according to the facebook page dedicated to bringing him home he was escorted off the plane because of his army service in the korean war 60 years ago. >> while detained, he confessed for the crimes. many think it was forced and days after it he was freed and after touching u.s. soil he thanked his supporters. >> thank the swedish embassy and beijing. >> there were well-wishers here in his hometown, his wif
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4